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Donors to Green Burial Pittsburgh Conservancy

Thanks to all who have donated to the making Green Burial Pittsburgh as strong as it can be. In addition to those who wish to remain anonymous, we are very pleased to acknowledge the generous donations from the following individuals:

  • Sally Adler & Barney Oursler
  • Margaret Albert
  • Susan Blinn
  • Suzanne M. Broughton
  • Connie Chubb
  • Jane Dirks
  • Patricia L. Epps
  • Jane Freund
  • Paul L. Henney, Jr.
  • Stephen C. Hirtle
  • Mary Ann Kellers & Mike Richer
  • Nancy Levine-Arnold
  • Rhonda Karlton Rosen, L.S.W.
  • Judy Ruszkowski & Ken Regal
  • Susan E. Small
  • Rhoda Sommer & Don Friedman
  • Dr. Beverly Steinfeld
  • Craig Thomson
  • Debbie Vogel
  • Roger Westman
  • Karen Zoller

If you would like to be added to this listing, please send email to mcquillin -at-

We would welcome further donors, both anonymous and acknowledged. Just follow the link below.

Last modified on: November 15, 2010